Judith Riegler

CEO, RiFiServ GmbH

My name is Judith Riegler, and I am the CEO of an accounting company with the name RiFiServ GmbH which is primarily selling accounting services in Switzerland.
We provide a straightforward interface for our customers to our accounting services – And this for an unbeatable price. How are we doing that? -> We let small to midsize companies profit from well structured, tightened and automated business processes.

I already knew about Bodi Lorant’s expertise before I started my company, and for me, there was no doubt that he is the right partner.
After some initial discussions, Lorant has started to design our complete Corporate Identity, including our web site. Furthermore, he is very well optimizing our search engine ranking with his SEO services.

We are already in a successful relationship for about 9 months. During this time, GraphicBull has always delivered as planned and has always kept its word. He has ever created new ideas and proposed many exciting improvements.

It was always great fun to work with GraphicBull but was never missing professionalism – resuming shortly, I was still happy with Lorant’s efforts and support.

Life would be much easier and more efficient if every business relationship would be that professional.

I want to thank Lorant this way for all his efforts and professionalism – we will definitively return with pleasure.