Albert Attila

General Manager, Albert Premium

My name is Albert Attila. I own a group of companies with diverse activities as the sale of premium car accessories, the sale of biologic products and the promotion of touristic medical services ( I have run these activities for more than 4 years, and over 80% of activities are online. Since I began these activities, I have collaborated with various enterprises, which have helped me develop my business in the online environment. Still, the result of these collaborations has always been below my expectancies, ending finally in an unpleasant way. Being in search of a person with whom to collaborate on a long term and who can satisfy the company’s necessities concerning web design, SEO, and programming, I have found Mr. Bodi Lorant, the Web Design Company owner of Graphic Bull.

We have been working together for more than 2 years, and as a description of this collaboration, I have only one word to say: excellent! Lorant is an honest person, very punctual, meticulous, upstanding and always adapted to our needs. All these qualities and the assiduous work he made have led to outstanding results in the short run.

As a result of this partnership with him in our activity domain, our companies are among the firsts that appear in the online research engines, which has led to significant growth of sales. I can only strongly recommend Lorant and Graphic Bull team to all the companies or enterprises willing to obtain excellent results in the online environment.

We address many thanks to the GraphicBull team, and we wish them to keep up the excellent work!