Founder, Park Ave Web Services
GraphicBull was a pleasure to do business with. I just wish every interaction with companies was as smooth. Bodi was on top of every request. It seemed as soon as I hit the send button in my e-mail, there was a response waiting for me. Fast, fast response time, and did I mention great work? I can only say, try GraphicBull. You won't be disappointed - a real pleasure to do business with - no need for my company to go anywhere else. GraphicBull is the place for all my graphic design needs.
DJ & Producer, Xenia Ghali
GraphicBull is the most professionalcreative and reliable graphics company I have ever worked with. They did a fantastic job taking what I imagined and turning it into a vision far beyond what I expected! In addition to their high-quality work, they deliver concepts and designs quickly and efficiently. I recommend GraphicBull to anyone looking for an extremely professional and mind-blowingly creative graphic designer. Thank you for your fantastic collaboration!
CEO, RiFiServ GmbH
My name is Judith Riegler, and I am the CEO of an accounting company with the name RiFiServ GmbH which is primarily selling accounting services in Switzerland. We provide a straightforward interface for our customers to our accounting services - And this for an unbeatable price. How are we doing that? -> We let small to midsize companies profit from well structured, tightened and automated business processes. I already knew about Bodi Lorant's expertise before I started my company, and for me, there was no doubt that he is the right partner. After some initial discussions, Lorant has started to design our complete Corporate Identity, including our web site. Furthermore, he is very well optimizing our search engine ranking with his SEO services. We are already in a successful relationship for about 9 months. During this time, GraphicBull has always delivered as planned and has always kept its word. He has ever created new ideas and proposed many exciting improvements. It was always great fun to work with GraphicBull but was never missing professionalism - resuming shortly, I was still happy with Lorant's efforts and support. Life would be much easier and more efficient if every business relationship would be that professional. I want to thank Lorant this way for all his efforts and professionalism - we will definitively return with pleasure.
Thanks to Lorant Bodi and Graphicbull for the Kick Butt Logo! Always a pleasure working with you! Now it's time to get to work on the website!
Artist Manager, Emma Shaka
Before you hire a web designer, be aware that building a website requires a significant commitment of both the client and the designer in time and money. Thousands of web design companies out there will tell you they will build the best website you'll ever see, and they probably will. In today's world, we have the luxury of having too many options, and choosing the right designer or design company can be a difficult thing to do. Graphic Bull customer's service stands above what we experienced before. We had already tried unsuccessfully four other design companies for our artist's cover art work when we decided to give it a try with GraphicBull. I was looking for a designer that could translate my vision into something visually appealing and professional. This person could quickly answer every question to make every step of the process simple for me to understand. As the artist representative, I have to look for perfection in music production and web design and search engine optimization right from the start. When we received his first draft, we were blown away by his talent, rapidity, and Great Value for money. Bodi went above and beyond our expectations, providing outstanding service, quick email answers. In a word, more than what we're looking for! So we quickly asked for a quote for a website design. We wanted a website friendly to use, with great features, but it also had to rock! GraphicBull totally understood our requirements and once again translated them into great results, maintaining a high quality of web design quality. We now have two other websites on the way. Bodi Lorant is knowledgeable in every aspect of the design process and will make sure you understand and agree on everything that is done. Here is a list of what I believe you should look for when you hire a designer:
  • Customer Service
  • Original Graphics
  • Creativity
  • Good Value for money
  • Job Timeline
  • Communication skill
  • Full Service (Design / SEO / Domain...)
  • Availability to customer orientation
Don't look no further GraphicBull has it all! Highly recommended to anyone looking to take his business to the next level.
General Manager, Albert Premium
My name is Albert Attila. I own a group of companies with diverse activities as the sale of premium car accessories, the sale of biologic products and the promotion of touristic medical services ( I have run these activities for more than 4 years, and over 80% of activities are online. Since I began these activities, I have collaborated with various enterprises, which have helped me develop my business in the online environment. Still, the result of these collaborations has always been below my expectancies, ending finally in an unpleasant way. Being in search of a person with whom to collaborate on a long term and who can satisfy the company’s necessities concerning web design, SEO, and programming, I have found Mr. Bodi Lorant, the Web Design Company owner of Graphic Bull. We have been working together for more than 2 years, and as a description of this collaboration, I have only one word to say: excellent! Lorant is an honest person, very punctual, meticulous, upstanding and always adapted to our needs. All these qualities and the assiduous work he made have led to outstanding results in the short run. As a result of this partnership with him in our activity domain, our companies are among the firsts that appear in the online research engines, which has led to significant growth of sales. I can only strongly recommend Lorant and Graphic Bull team to all the companies or enterprises willing to obtain excellent results in the online environment. We address many thanks to the GraphicBull team, and we wish them to keep up the excellent work!