Character Design

What is Character design?

What can be more agreeable than creating a character that will make a brand seem alive? From Mickey Mouse to Colonel Sanders or the Michelin Man, mascots and characters won people’s hearts and minds, from animated cartoons to fast food or tires. A right name must be functional, aesthetic, distinct from other characters, and must have personality.

How can we help?

The creative process is never easy; lots of things have to be considered: brand characteristics, target audience and message. It all begins with an avalanche of ideas that are drawn on paper. After that, we work on the proposals until that perfect character is born, identifying with the brand and bringing it closer to its audience.


We’ve created hundreds of characters for happy customers worldwide.

When we design your character we use four fast phases, each with their distinct role. These are: the Discovery Phase, the Sketch Phase, the Color Phase and the Delivery Phase. These are very simple stages used to break down the design of your new character or mascot. It might sound complex but don’t worry, we’ve done this hundreds of times and we will guide you through each phase with a minimum of fuss.

Phase 1: Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase allows you to communicate your ideas to your artists.  We’ve created a very simple Character Planner which will allow us to download your brain – and allow you to communicate your ideas to your artists.
Time to complete: Approx. 5 to 15 minutes

Phase 2: Sketch Phase

The Sketch Phase is where we create initial design concepts of your character / mascot.  Here we will explore the ideas you communicated to us in the Discovery phase.  Enjoy unlimited concepts and revisions during this stage!
Time to complete: Approx. 3-7 days

Phase 3: Color Phase

The Color Phase is where we take your approved sketch and begin to add outlines and color.  Enjoy unlimited color changes during this stage!
Time to complete: Approx. 1-3 days

Phase 4: Delivery Phase

The Delivery Phase is the last phase and one where we do final quality checks and deliver your final character to you!
Time to complete: Approx. 1 day